We are the WAGYU expert team in Shimbashi, Tokyo.
Serving the finest quality WAGYU grade A5 at reasonable price since 2006.



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New! WAGYU grade A5 SUSHI

This fall, we proudly introduce a new beef sushi, “Roast Wagyu Beef Toro Sushi” of the finest grade A5 Wagyu beef!!

We have two kinds of Roast Wagyu Beef Toro Sushi, the regular platter and the premium platter.

Branded Beef are usually adopting the grading by the Japan Meat Grading Association to their definitions, and generally the beef carcasses with a higher quality than a certain standard are certified as the brand products.

Kobe beef is using some of the grading standards by this association.
There are some brands, such as Matsusaka beef and Oumi beef, that do not adopt these grading standards to their products.


With the Japanese mind and hospitality, we are proposing our Japanese BBQ style as the WAGYU TEAM “BEARS”, we serve the authentic WAGYU Japanese beef with pride.

“WAGYU SUSHI” is our specialty.

Decorative Vegetable Carvings

In the world of Japanese cuisine, there is a knife technique of “decorative carving”, using the root vegetables, such as radish, carrots and turnips.