★ Home Made Namul & Kimchi
★ Fresh Cabbage served
  with Yang Nyeom Jang and Miso
  (Korean seasoning paste)
★ Reticulum

★ Charcoal Fire Grill 3 kinds of Salted Beef Hormone
  (Tang, Heart, Lever)
★ Assorted Horumon
  (Large intestine, Small intestine, 1st stomach)
★ Hara-hara Yaki (Beef gristle of diaphragm)

★ Bibimbap (Korean rice meat and vegetables mixed in)
★ Horumon Soup

★ Dessert

*Please choose from
– Pear Sherbet
– Grapefruit Sherbet
– Yuzu (Japanese citron) Sherbet
– Vanilla Ice Cream
– Green Tea Ice Cream