✔We believe WAGYU Japanese beef is a Japanese national food next to SUSHI, and we are proud of its world-class taste and safety!
✔We serve high quality WAGYU beef at reasonable and affordable price!
✔It is our mission to introduce WAGYU to the world and tell its deliciousness to the people all over the world!

Our pride and spirit as a Yakiniku-BBQ restaurant

Yakiniku BBQ is a Japanese national dish. In addition, WAGYU beef is Japanese national food that we are proud to the world.
Hence, we will continue to suggest the Japanese style BBQ with cherishing the Japanese mind of “Wa” (harmony).

In Japan, we enjoy Yakiniku BBQ not only at restaurant but also at home. It means, Yakiniku BBQ is a special dinner and at the same time a common supper at home. With friends or family, people gather around a grill at table, enjoy conversations and share a good time together — this is the unique style of Yakiniku BBQ, and the biggest reason why everybody loves Yakiniku BBQ.

Moreover, beef is a great source of energy, stamina, energy, and health.

Quality of materials

**Efforts for the better purchase**

We always purchase “high quality Wagyu beef”.
“High quality Wagyu beef” here means WAGYU beef with a good balance of quality and price.

Brand is important, but the beef with brand is sold at high price.
However, there are some occasions, sometimes that the good quality WAGYU beef are sold at reasonable price, although its brand name is not commonly known well. It might be similar to the wine market, in a way.

Locality is not so important, either, because the most important matter is freshness.
However, the producer is important, in terms of traceability.

In other words, it is all up to the taste, instead of the brand nam
How much information we have is all that count, we believe.

**Kinds of Raw Material**

We purchase beef by block with bones.

Savoriness of beef increases as amino acid degrades protein.
Once removed from the bones, meat begins to be putrefied, and it is said that the savoriness comes out by the process of mature while the meat is attached to the bone.

We do not stick only to the beef from steers or steers.

Heifers save up good fat in body in preparation for birth delivery. In contrast, bulls are castrated to be steers and given the female hormone.
Thus, it is said that the beef from heifers of certain age is as tasty as if the fat melts at the low melting point.

However, the definition of Matsusaka beef* includes only “heifers”, whereas that of other WAGYU such as Omi beef and Kobe beef allow oxen (steers) to be included.
*Matsusaka beef: Japanese black WAGYU, known as one of the three top WAGYU brands.

In addition, the definition of castration varies depending on the regions, the environment for breeding farms are changing year by year, and handling and feeding techniques are improving.

In other words, the tastiness as if the fat melts at the low melting point is due to the marbling of beef. As long as the beef is WAGYU A5, then there is no difference between the heifers and the steers. Rather, the family pedigrees and handling and feeding techniques are more important, we think.

If the marbling is too much, is means the beef is too fatty and unappetizing. We would not call it a high quality beef.

For hormones (beef guts), we always purchase fresh materials sent directly from the suppliers.

Preparation Process: Our spirit as a BBQ artisan

The WAGYU beef of truly high quality has beautiful marbling and meltingly softness. But at the same time, this rich fat may cause “too much” and “tedious” sometimes.
Light yet juicy, so that enjoyable at any age — this is what we give priority to.

Balance of lean and fat in beef is important not only at purchasing but also at cooking. The high cooking techniques can make it possible to bring out the taste of beef sufficiently by keeping the balance of lean and fat.

Even though we are focusing at purchasing the fine beef, but it is not always successful. Therefore, we think that it is important to maintain a stable balance by skills and techniques of the cooks.

The way of cutting beef differ depending on the parts. In order to remove the excess fat as possible to bring out the original taste of WAGYU beef, high skills in knife work are required to the cooks.
Taking into account how the marbling looks at serving, the cooks make the best preparation cut and slice.

Our restaurant’s name “Yakiniku Shokunin”(= BBQ Artisan) comes from the fact that the first chef Mr. Nishikawa had more than 20 years of career in the traditional Japanese food and Sushi cook.

For years, he had been making a living as a cook of the traditional Japanese food, which is the world of the most stringent artisans to whom delicate and precise techniques are required. In addition, he made it through his training years under those old times when an apprentice system was much stricter than today.
Moreover, he also had experience as Sushi cook for many years. Among the people of the Sushi industry, it is said that the chef’s communication skill with customer adds extra value to Sushi.
After those experiences, he was fascinated by the beautiful marbling of WAGYU A5, and decided to start a new career in the world of Yakiniku-BBQ.

He can slice materials into as thin as 1mm pieces without feeling difficulty, even slices the beef for Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu by using only a knife instead of a slicer.

This photo is a decorative vegetable carving work by Mr. Binh who is a master of knife skills. Although he is from Vietnam, he has a craftsmanship similar to the Japanese cooks. He has 20 years of career in Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese and Japanese cooking knife techniques are quite different, however, Vietnamese cooks have delicate and strong craftsmanship in their minds. More than 10 these cooks are working in our restaurants in Japan and Vietnam.

For reference, when the beef is sliced by a slicing machine, more harshness comes out of the beef, because the cells and fibers of the beef are shred. On the other hand, when a cook with good knife skills cuts the beef, the harshness comes out from the beef is much less, and the taste of the beef remains within.

In preparation of the Hormones, our cooks spend their time three times as long as usual for the pre-cooking process, as they know good preparations are indispensable for the best taste of the hormones. Through washing process, dirt and smell are removed from the materials. And by incising the materials by knife, the hormones are added texture and softness.

In other words, we appreciate
WAGYU A5 × 3 times as much of time for the pre-cooking process × the soul of Yakiniku-BBQ artisan“.
Also, we will do our best for human resource development both nationally and internationally, through food and cooking.
(Currently active in Hanoi, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan.)

Seasonings and Spices

Our aim is to serve the beef which is enjoyable without feeling “too fatty” and unappetizing. Therefore, we put an importance on delicate and soft seasoning without using artificial flavor enhancer.

When using the garlic, we do not use it too much so that the smell of garlic will not be left longer in the mouth. When using the salt, we pay attention in sprinkling the salt evenly over the material, and add a secret shake to make it into the you-cannot-help-wanting-more” taste.

Our pickles are all homemade with fresh materials.
Our sauce and dip for Yakiniku-BBQ are the typical Japanese style with sweet taste.
White rice is steamed with selected water, and homemade special vinegar is added in for the WAGYU beef Sushi’s base rice.
We use coal or sawdust charcoal for Yakiniku-BBQ grill, so that the beef and other materials can be cooked perfectly, in addition to the far-infrared effects.

Our slogan is “We serve the addictive taste!

Good Service is Everything

Our hearty hospitality is based on a philosophy of “Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur”.

Even in the dishes we serve, our service is represented. For example, we serve the rolls of beef slice in which are some seasoning vegetables. Our chef rolls every slice of the beef with a small stick one by one, so that the guests can handle it easily without dropping the seasoning vegetables into the grill. This is such a small thing, but our service is in.

We do our best for getting rid of wasting raw materials and unevenness in the preparation process. By eliminating the work force, keeping our heart healthy.

We go abroad for studying various food cultures, and try local food but stay away from eating too much, keep nutritional balance in mind and maintain the health of body and tongue.